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Axie Infinity is a digital pet universe where players battle
fantasy creatures to have fun and get funds.

What is an Axie?

An axie is a cute but fierce creature. Each Axie has it’s own unique attributes to use in battle. Every team is made up of 3 Axies.

Enter the Arena

You’ll be matched up with an opposing Axie Team. Take turns using your best strategy to combat your opponent. Class, Speed, HP, Morale, and Skill all play a role.


To the victor goes the spoils

Every time you win you are awarded Axie’s in game breeding currency, Small Love Potion, which converts to cash.


Rise up the ranks

The more you win the more you earn. Climbing up the leaderboard rewards you with more SLP for each win.

We make it really easy.

Get set up in just a few minutes with 3 high quality Axies.
Start earning money today.

How to join our community.

Follow us on twitter and join our discord.

You can not participate in any other scholarship programs.

We always split 50-50 with our scholars.

Payouts 2 times a month.